We know you care for animals but who cares for you?

At Care for Pet Professionals, we are here to care for your mental, physical and emotional well-being in a challenging field.
We provide support, education and resources to improve your mental health, help you cope through the most difficult times, and give you the care you need while you care for animals.
We believe that no pet professional should struggle in silence, and it’s our mission to create a place for you to receive help and guidance and build the tools to help yourself.

Specialist Support For Pet Professionals

Care for Pet Professionals is a platform that brings together a collection of therapists from different specialities, each with tools, educational content and techniques to treat the wide range of mental health problems that pet professionals might face.

If you work with pets in any way, our specialist support network can help you. From pet groomers to vets, kennel and cattery workers and even farm or zoo staff, we can provide access to healthcare professionals you need, when you need them.

We know how challenging it can be to access mental health support through the NHS, particularly with wait times being at a record high. We provide a safe environment, staffed with qualified professionals who understand the challenges of working in the pet industry, to give you the support and care you need, without the long wait.

Meet Our Therapists

Every single one of our therapists has been carefully selected to ensure they meet both the quality standards of their own profession and our own high standards. Because we host a wide community of emotional, behavioural and mental health support practitioners, we take every care to ensure the people we work with are fully qualified, registered and insured. We do comprehensive background checks, require a commitment to our code of conduct, and ask each therapist to provide evidence of their qualifications or registration so that we can guarantee the best quality care for our members

Quality Care Matters To Us

A big part of our job is working with pet professionals when they are at a particularly vulnerable point in their lives. We understand just how important this responsibility this is, which is why we take steps to ensure our members are always receiving the best quality care possible.

We regularly review the quality of the service provided by our therapists to ensure it meets our quality standards. One of the ways we do this is through feedback from you. We love to hear amazing stories about the successes you’ve had, and encourage you to get in touch to share any thoughts you might have on your practitioner and experience. And if you’ve had a negative interaction, or have suggestions on how we could improve our service, we would love to hear that too! So please, do reach out and help us do better, for you.

Absolutely love this..I’m a newbie groomer qualified in May just setting up but transitioning from a 10 year career in health and well-being with adults so I know exactly how important it is to look after your well-being as a priority. Will look forward to seeing the posts and support ❤️🐾


Just launched



Just launched