Our Brand Story

Care of Pet Professionals logo with sunflower people and dragonfly

Care for Pet Professionals might be a Community Interest Company, but it’s also a passion project for its two founders, Bill and Jules. Both with experience of trauma, mental health problems and the challenges being a front-line worker of any kind can bring, they wanted to create a safe space for pet professionals to work on their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The name was chosen because it says exactly what we do – we care for pet professionals. No matter what type of work you do, whether you’re a dog groomer or a zoo worker, if you work with animals, we’re here to care for you.

We wanted to extend that into our visual brand too, so in our logo, you will see 4 key elements of who we are, and why we do what we do.
A bright, beautiful sunflower takes centre stage in our logo, unfurling its petals and reaching toward the shining sun. Sunflowers have taken on a lot of different meanings over the years, from a long life, vitality and good luck in China to a symbol of good harvest and plenty to Native Americans. To us, a sunflower is a symbol of happiness, of always trying to find the light and joy in life, and of hope for the future. They are one of the few flowers to close at night and open every day, starting every morning with a fresh search for light and positivity. Not to mention the fact that they have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression, which is what our organisation is all about.


Sunflower Icon
Dragon Fly Illustrated Icon

You might be wondering why we chose the dragonfly as part of our symbol. After all, it’s not a traditional pet! But dragonflies have been flying around the planet for over 300 million years – pre-dating the dinosaurs by around 100 million years. They may be small, but they have survived so much, adapted to thousands of challenges and come out stronger every time. They symbolise our ability to overcome times of hardship, weather even the worst storms and reconnect with our inner strength and courage to survive and thrive.

Encircling our beautiful sunflower and dragonfly is our name – Care for Pet Professionals. Of course, you need to know who we are, but we chose a circle because of what it represents – the circle of life. Yes, we know you sang it, (so did we!) But the hit Lion King song isn’t wrong – we are all interconnected, and our lives from beginning to end play out into a complete, full circle. All of us – every single human being, are the same when it comes to the circle of life, and it’s our aim to bring you together with other professionals or people who can support you in your journey around the circle.

Care of Pet Professionals Logo Wording
Team Silhouetted Logo

Finally, right at the centre, you have the people. This represents you – and every other person who works with or is in contact with animals as part of their work. You are at the heart of everything we do here at Care for Pet Professionals, so we felt it only right that you have a presence in our logo. All of our services, resources and other work are designed with you in mind, to surround you with the support you need to flourish.