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Care of pet professional at work groomer cat brush

Did you know that working with animals is one of the most mentally intensive and difficult careers you can choose?

Or that around 67% of pet professionals say they don’t believe there is enough support out there for their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing? It might sound like a great career on the surface, but the reality is that pet professionals face unique stresses that put them at higher risk for depression, anxiety and even suicide.

We Want to Change That.

We believe that the people who show such love and dedication to our pets deserve that same care and dedication in return. They need support, advice and help to do an incredibly difficult job, ad that’s what we’re here to provide.
Care for Pet Professionals is a Community Interest Company dedicated to supporting pet professionals’ mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. From pet groomers, veterinary nurses and vets up to farmers and even zookeepers, we’re providing essential support, resources, and tools they need to survive and thrive in the industry.

How Can You Work With Us?

To provide the support our members need, we need your help. By working with therapists and specialists just like you, providing care and access for pet professionals to get dedicated support from experts when they need it most. But there are thousands of pet professionals out there, which means we always need more help in providing those resources. Which is where you come in.
If you’re a therapist that provides mental or physical health services, we would love to partner with you. There are two ways you can work with us to support pet professionals:

You become the primary therapist in your discipline for our members. This means anyone we work with who would be a good fit for your discipline will be referred to you for support and treatment. You will also get a full feature promotion for your business, a profile on our website and preferential referrals.
There is only one preferred therapist slot per profession, which you can secure with an annual fee by contacting us today.

You can sign up as one of our therapist partners. This means you would get your own profile on our website for members to browse, promotion throughout the year and referrals from our team for members. You would also provide a 20% discount on your services for our members.
If you’d be interested in coming on board and being part of the solution to the mental health crisis facing pet professionals, we would love to have you.